1. Is prompt notification of the Funeral team really important?

Absolutely. Especially in the event of a Line of Duty death there are necessary notifications and paperwork that needs to be done promptly to maximize your likelihood of obtaining federal and state benefits.


2. When activated will our team take over the funeral proceedings at my agency?

No, our mission is to advise and guide your agency through a very tough time and allow you to honor one of your own. We have already established protocols that we use and have used for the past 11 years and will utilize to assist your agency with your loss. However, if needed, we can supply an Honor Guard to perform the Honors that the family and your agency requests per our protocol. 


3. Does the EMS providers death have to be Line of Duty for your team to respond?

No, we provide in the Line of Duty and non Line of Duty death funeral assistance.  


4. How is your team qualified to do this?

Our team has attended the latest academies and classes regarding funeral proceedings and procedures and have years experience managing all aspects of EMS funerals, both Line of Duty and non Line of Duty. See our Funeral Team guidelines for more information.


5. Is there any charge for your services?

We never charge for our services. Our funds arrive by sponsorships and fundraising. However, we do accept donations, but you are not required to do so. 


6. How much is available for State and Federal benefits?

Currently, the Missouri State benefit is $25,000 and the Federal benefit is over $370,000 for Line of Duty Deaths. Activation of our team-we will do our best to ensure all paperwork and procedures are followed correctly.

7. What if I have a EMS Class A uniform, do I have to purchase the funeral teams uniform as well?

No you don't. We do ask if you have an EMS class A that you purchase our hat and hat pin. 


Still have questions?

 Please feel free to call us anytime 660-415-7990, or email moemsfuneralteam@yahoo.com or gwright000@gmail.com


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