Emergency & Pre-Plan

When an emergency happens, emotions can take over. If families have never talked about the wishes of their loved ones in an emergency it can cause significant turmoil.  Each organization should have a form that an employee fills out during employee orientation. The “Emergency and Contact Information Form” here on our web site is a guideline for organizations to use to have employees set up pertinent information. It is a guideline and organization are welcome to take this form, use it, or change anything on it to suite your organization needs.

Once completed the form should be placed in an envelope by the employee. The envelope should then be sealed in a manner that it cannot be opened again without intent as to secure confidential information. Organization should store these forms in a locked location, but that is quickly accessible in case of an emergency. Once option is in a mounted security box inside a supervisors vehicle. Another option is a secure location is dispatch that has tamer evident seals. Remember, these forms should be immediately accessible during an emergency so they are available to treating medical personnel. 

These form should be reviewed by the employee annually at a minimum. However, be sure your employees know how to update their information as needed in case information changes sooner than the annual review. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the funeral team business number 660-415-7990.


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